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Book Printing - Phishing Alert

Recently there have been reports about users receiving an email regarding being able to print books that might not be able to be produced or manufactured at high volumes anymore. When you receive emails like this, one thing to look for within the email is grammatical errors and improper spelling. Within this email, you can spot a lot of errors within the text that does not make a lot of sense or are not correct when reading.

If you have received any emails that might seem suspicious or regarding what is listed below, please get into contact with

"Dear Professors,

We offer a unique reprint service to educators, providing all kinds of Out of Print books in classroom quantities. You no longer have to be limited to the titles, which publishers choose to print. The procedure is amazingly simple for you! If there is any title that you would like to use for your classroom, please fill in as much as possible of the below information. We will then do all the research and inform you whether we can obtain permission to print or reprint, supply your local bookstore with the needed number of books before classes start and stock the title for use in future semesters.


We will offer handsome discount on reprint version of the textbook, comparing to the last list price of out of print book.



Please send your reply to



Your Name:   ____________                   University: __________

Course Name:          ___________  Department: _____________

Course Number:       ___________  Phone: ___________

QTY Ist Semester     ___________  QTY 2nd Semester___________

Class Start Date: ___________

Title of Book: ________________________________________

Author(s):               ___________                     Pages: ___________

ISBN:           ___________                              Color Pages: ___________

Any copy for reproduction? ___________


How long you would use this book___________ (year's)


We give good break to authors so if you have Manuscripts, Notes in any form, we can convert it into hardbound book with no costs to you. All we need is your help in marketing along with our marketing expertise.

We can also supply Course packs for educators, assembled from your own materials or from other sources as hardbound books for use in your classes. You can also acquire any Indian book from us as well, just send the title and the ISBN number via email and we will quote you the price.

Thanking you

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